Competition Vehicle Builds

Our experience with competition regulations and the innate technical understanding from participation over the years has enabled us to build some exciting competition vehicles. From roll cage to stand alone ECUs, the team has expertise. We can build you a race car from scratch or prep your existing vehicle for competition of your choice.

Motorsport Consultancy

Do you already have a race or rally car and need assistance in running your competition program? The AART team is here to help. We can provide you on site engineering assistance for testing, validation and competition days. With the help of data acquisition and analysis we can assist in both driver and vehicle development.

Operational & Logistics Support

With our in-house logistical team we can transport your race car, supercar or 4X4 and help carry your spares for competitions and marketing events. Engineering/technical support along with hospitality services can also be provided.

Dyno Testing

Chassis dynamometers are a great starting point to test and tune your engine maps. The AART workshop is equipped with a 1000 hp roller 224LX dyno from DynoJet. It's a Eddy Current based load setup which means we can simulate performing load tests including step, sweep, and user defined custom load profiles in all gears and at all throttle positions.This enables us to conduct engine map tuning, racing simulations and powertrain and drivetrain performance checks.

Prototyping and Reverse Engineering

AART workshop is fully equipped for rapid prototyping. With the FARO EDGE 9, an 8-Axis point touch measurement system for CMM, along with a FARO LLP 3D scanner which can generate dimensionally accurate CAD models quickly where we can digitize or 3D print them within short timelines. We can also do complete bespoke designs, from conceptual renders to actual products using laser, plasma or water-jet cutting in our in-house machine shop. We also work with multiple composites from HDPE to Kevlar and Carbon Fibre for lightweight structures without compromise in strength.

Driver Sim

Simulators are powerful tools in today's motorsport setup. For novice drivers and race engineers we use a 3DOF motion platform to bring them up to speed in terms of basic set up and driving skills before a track/ race day. This helps keep the training cost in check and is a frugal yet effective way to teach the fundamentals of motorsport.

Workshop Facility

For the right wheel geometry setup we have a Hunter equipment that can service hatchback race cars to supercars. Hunter Smart Weight Balancers, Hawkeye Laser Alignment Systems and Hunter Table-Top Tire Changers. The workshop is equipped with two 2-post lifts, one 4 post lift and a 10 car space with a complete body shop including a paint booth and a paint mixing machine. Diagnostics facilities are available at factory level for Volkswagen AG, Mercedes Benz, Daimler Group AG and ISUZU vehicles.