At AART, we are dedicated to motorsports. We believe in showcasing our engineering skills through vehicle performance and quality. Innovation and Technology adoption has enabled us to professionally build and produce all forms of competition vehicles. We not only participate as a racing team but also support our customers to achieve their targets in motorsports.

  • First company in the world to build a Rally Vento for Volkswagen Motorsport India in 2013.

  • First Indian private rally team with factory assistance from Volkswagen Motorsport Rally India.

  • First rally polo to win a cross country rally in the world.

  • Mike Young from Australia driving a VW Polo R2 and Shafraz Junaid from Sri Lanka driving a 1.6 NA Polo for Maxxis tyres Sri Lanka made us the first private company to have foreign rally drivers to drive a made in India rally car in 2017.

  • Early adopters of FIA specifications to build rally cars in India.

  • The first company in India to clear FIA Technical Inspection at the Asia Pacific Rally championships.

  • 2010 Dakshin dare and desert storm in Tata Xenon and safari race prep and service for TATA motors Full Throttle racing team.

  • SAE India supra, Dynamics and Technical team 2014-present.

  • 2015 Mitsubishi EVO 7 support team for INRC entire season, special import for an Indian customer.

  • 2015 Service team under MRU motorsports malaysia APRC Rally of Malaysia for Malaysian and Japanese drivers.

  • 2017 race car build and technical back up for Kajha Motorsports.

  • 2017 prototype Rainforest Challenge car build for Red Pheonix suspension India.

  • 2018 Maxxis Team Sri Lanka, Raid the Himalayas, foreign car and driver, full service team support.